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Promoting French Culture and Language

Learning the Language

As part of Alliance in Ballarat we are happy to provide for you some exercises and readings in French for translation or just for learning.

Every last Friday of the month we hold a Soiree which is a casual get-together with meal and discussion. Anyone is invited to attend you don’t have to be a member. Please see this website for further details

We are also keen to encourage anyone to provide additional contributions in order to broaden our offering.

Following are a number of readings or exercises you may wish to try:

  1. Where is French Spoken
  2. Le Supermarché
  3. Une Étudiante
  4. Mystère à Montreux
  5. Interactive Crossword Puzzle
  6. French Dialogue Exercises
  7. Blanche-Neige (Snow-White)
  8. Baba Yaga (Russian Fairy Tale)
  9. Cindrela