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August soirée –

Film ‘Avis de Mistral’ (My Summer in Provence)

Something warm and cheerful for our August soirée is the film, ‘Avis de Mistral’ (My Summer in Provence).

This drama/comedy will have you rushing to your travel agent to book next year’s holiday in Provence.

The film tells the story of Léa, Adrian and their little brother, Théo (who is deaf), as they travel to their grandparents’ farm in Provence, after their father leaves home and while their mother is overseas.

The teenagers are not happy because a family dispute, involving their mother and her father, means they have never met their grumpy grandfather, Paul, who they find living on a remote farm where he tends his olive trees.

The story reveals not only a clash of generations, but a clash of cultures between the city-bred teens and the country life in the Midi.

But the Mistral, which torments this region of the Alpilles, stirs up a turbulence that gradually transforms both generations and brings about healing to both.

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