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April soirée – The wines of Burgundy

‘Les vins rouges de Bourgogne’ (the red wines from Burgundy) is the topic for our April soirée and our guest speaker, Steve Goodwin, knows what he is talking about, as he visits various wineries in the region most years, helping to select wines for shipment to Australia.

A winemaker by trade, Steve managed Baileys of Glenrowan; was senior winemaker at Seppelts Great Western and as winemaker at Witchmont Estate, made the first – and possibly only – Australian winner of the ‘Syrah du Monde’.

bunch of red grapes on vine

Along with learning to appreciate the wine, the ‘terroir’ and the ‘microclimat’ of the various Burgundian hills, we will be holding our AGM, with new committee members due to come on board for the next year.

Further details of our soirée can be found in the April 2019 newsletter sent to all members.Vineyard









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